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test qi Intelligence créative
Intelligence créative 14
Test d'intelligence ! - humeur de pinpin

pinpin hébergé par over-blog.com pinpin improvise avec les têtes de ses congénères !!!!
test qi Savoir et intelligence
Savoir et intelligence 11
The intelligence gene comes from... - Genetics - Helium - by Martin W. Schwartz

The MANY genes which confer "intelligence" or lack thereof on offspring come from BOTH parents equally. The Laws of ... by Martin W. Schwartz
test qi Penser abstrait
Penser abstrait 7
The intelligence gene comes from... - Genetics - Helium - by Sonia Mcnichol

I am assuming that the intelligence we are talking about is the type that leads to 11 A*s at GCSE and a first class honours deg... by Sonia Mcnichol
test qi Intelligence
Intelligence 0
The Science and Assumptions Behind Watson's Views on Blacks | Wired Science from Wired.com

James Watson's assertion that black people are intrinsically less intelligent than other, fairer-skinned folks has been condemned, and rightly so. But even when based in fact rather than conscience, the
test qi Tests d'intelligence
Tests d'intelligence 1
Thus Spake Zuska : Watson to Africa: You're All Dumb

test qi Enseignement et intelligence
Enseignement et intelligence 6
Time for some intelligence in the war on the cotton bollworm

With Australian help, Indian farmers are fighting back against the worldâ??s worst agricultural pestâ??the cotton bollwormâ??which costs $5 billion a year worldwide. The farmers are reducing the use of insecticides by about a half, while increasing crop yields
test qi Culture et intelligence
Culture et intelligence 0
Transgénique, organisme transgénique, dictionnaire du bio

test qi Le language et l'intelligence
Le language et l'intelligence 16
Trisomie 21 : le grand remue-méninges - Le journal du CNRS - CNRS

test qi Définir l'intelligence
Définir l'intelligence 2
TS-Si - Intelligence: The Tangled Interactions Of Genes And The Environment

TS-Si, Harry Benmjamin Syndrome, HBS, Transsexual Symposium, Dedicated to the acceptance, medical treatment, & legal protection of individuals in the process of changing their anatomical sex, and supporting their transition into society, TS-S is a resource for transsexuals, their families and friends, caregivers, legal authorities, & the scientific community, as well as other interested parties., Intelligence: The Tangled Interactions Of Genes And The Environment. Accumulating evidence of brain structure under genetic influence. Utrecht, Netherlands. While showing an impressive growth prenatally, the human brain is not completed at birth. There is considerable brain growth during childhood with dynamic changes taking place in the human brain throughout life, probably for adaptation to our environments. Evidence accumulates that brain structure is under considerable genetic influence [Peper et al., 2007]. Puberty, the transitional phase from childhood into adulthood, involves changes in brain morphology that may be essential to optimal adult functioning. Around the onset of puberty gray matter volume starts to decrease, while white matter volume is still increasing. Recent findings have shown, that variation in total gray and white matter volume of the adult human brain is primarily (70--90%) genetically determined and in a recent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain study with 45 monozygotic and 61 dizygotic 9-year-old twin-pairs, and their 87 full siblings also high heritabilities have been found, in preparation]. Thus, while environmental influences may play a role in later stages during puberty, around the onset of puberty brain volumes are already highly heritable.
test qi Intelligence
Intelligence 14
UCLA Team Maps How Genes Affect Brain Structure, Intelligence Text - Physics Forums Library

[Archive] UCLA Team Maps How Genes Affect Brain Structure, Intelligence Biology
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