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BBC NEWS | Health | Gene 'links breastfeeding to IQ'

One gene influences whether breastfeeding improves a child's intelligence, say UK researchers.
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Ben Bova: Intelligence places us atop all primates; but what about wisdom? : Columns : Naples Daily News

It’s been known for more than 30 years that human beings and chimpanzees have more than 98 percent of their genes in common. That’s right. As far as our genes are concerned, the difference between you (or me) and a chimpanzee is less than 2 percent. Chimps are our closest genetic relatives, our cousins, genetically. And in many other ways, physical and behavioral.
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BlogRunner: Jewish intelligence, Jewish genes, and Jewish values.

Are Jews a race? .. (William Saletan / Slate Magazine)
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Book Review - Genetic Destinies, by Peter Little

As human scientific knowledge and technological ability progress, the prospects for human control over our genetic code increases. For some, the prospects of genetic manipulation open up dreams of an improved, disease-free future. For others, such manipulation suggests that the social problems of today will only be magnified, producing a genetic nightmare. Which of the two is correct, if either of them?
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Brain network related to intelligence identified

PhysOrg news: Brain network related to intelligence identified
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Business Intelligence, KDD and Data Mining News

data mining conference list, definitions about business intelligence, knowledge discovery
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Corse Cargese Histoire

Corse Cargese Histoire
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depression et genes - Intelligence - FORUM Santé

depression et genes : la depression: Des causes explicatives La dépression résulte de la combinaison de plusieurs facteurs sociaux, héréditaires, biochimiques et
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Des Réseaux et des sciences

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Dm SVT sur les g??¨nes, mutations et all??¨les

Sur la Toile: Blog ??  propos de l'actualité de la science, de la technologie et de l'informatique. Forum de Sciences, de dépannage informatique, et de discussions diverses (voyages, trucs & astuces, ...)
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