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Forums : L'Intelligence Artificielle - page 2

Lâ??intelligence ne serait pas la qualité première de lâ??être humain ?<br />Hum, il est pourtant aisé de constater se qui se passe lorsquâ??elle est absente cette intelligenceâ?¦<br />Lâ??âme ne peut émerger q
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G??¨nes et génies : association confirmée entre les g??¨nes et l'intelligence

L'étude actuelle du g??¨ne CHRM2 fait référence ??  un travail publié en 2003 par un groupe médical du Minnesota qui avait remarqué que les variations de ce g??¨ne étaient reliées avec une augmentation du QI. L'étude actuelle a testé des marqueurs multiples de ce g??¨ne et a noté que des variations multiples pouvaient se cumuler dans leurs effets
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Gene governs IQ boost from breastfeeding

The known association between breast feeding and slightly higher IQ in children has been shown to relate to a particular gene in the babies, according to a report this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
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Gene linked to poorer memory - 20 October 2003 - New Scientist

One form of a common brain protein makes us worse at remembering things - it is a first step towards finding the genes for intelligence
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Gene therapy can reduce long-term drinking among rodents

Gene therapy can reduce longterm drinking among rodents
test qi La science et l'intelligence
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Gene Therapy for Cancer: Q & A - National Cancer Institute

A fact sheet that discusses research with genetic material in developing cancer therapies, including risks, benefits, and ethical issues. National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet 7.18
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genome.gov | 2001 Release: Gene Chips Diagnose Childhood Cancer

News release issued by the National Human Genome Research Institute in May 2001 to report development of a genetic fingerprinting method that can distinguish among several types of childhood cancer.
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Gerald Bracey: William Saletan, Race, Genes and Intelligence

If you want to make people -- just about everyone -- mad, write something called Created Equal: Race, Genes and Intelligence. That's what William Saletan did last week in Slate and, hoo boy, did people pop veins in their apoplexy (just put race, genes, and intelligence into Google to see the ar ...
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Gerald Bracey: William Saletan, Race, Genes and Intelligence - Politics on The Huffington Post

William Saletan, Race, Genes and Intelligence - The Huffington Post
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Great Ideas in Personality--Behavior Genetics

This page deals with behavior genetics. Research in behavior genetics has shown that almost all personality traits have both biological and environmental bases.
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