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test qi Le language et l'intelligence
Le language et l'intelligence 8
Cognitive Daily: Chess computers beat humans: Does this mean computers are "creative"?

A new cognitive psychology article nearly every day
test qi Test de QI
Test de QI 3
Contacts - Veille des Créations Publicitaires - TNS Media Intelligence

TNS Media Intelligence conjugue innovation et expertise dans des outils et services performants, declinables à l'international : études media, veille et tendances marketing, publicité et sponsoring. Observatoire des plans media et revue de presse dans 25 pays
test qi Raison et intelligence
Raison et intelligence 20
Coosys blogs innovations: Compétitivité et Intelligence Economique : l'Armée au service des Entreprises

test qi Test de personnalité
Test de personnalité 6
Coosys blogs innovations: Intelligence économique et pôles de compétitivité

test qi Le language et l'intelligence
Le language et l'intelligence 10
Creative & Cultural Skills

Creative & Cultural Skills is the sector skills council for the creative and cultural industries. We aim to improve skills so that the UK remains a world leader in these industries.
test qi La science et l'intelligence
La science et l'intelligence 17
Creative Artificial Intelligence Systems : Informatics : University of Sussex

The course will provide an overview of the nature, aims, construction, and use of creative artificial intelligence systems in a variety of areas selected from music, art, architecture, design,...
test qi Intelligence psychologique
Intelligence psychologique 8
Creative Artists Agency, Inc. information and related industry information from Hoover's

Hoover's offers Creative Artists Agency, Inc. information and related Talent & Modeling Agencies facts online.
test qi Intelligence créative
Intelligence créative 9
Creative Computing Inc - Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Cognos, Powerplay, Impromptu, ReportNet, Report Studio, Framework Manager, Query Studio, Upfront, IWR, DecisionStream, Metrics Manager, Cognos Query, Powerhouse, ATM Go Live, SAP, Axiant

A Cognos Platinum Partner delivering Enterprise Business Intelligence and Web reporting solutions; From strategic planning to final implementation. (Reporting & Analysis, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, ...)
test qi Intelligence créative
Intelligence créative 1
Creative Intelligence

Award winning advertising design and marketing communications services. 20 years experience serving both agency and corporate clients.
test qi Test de personnalité
Test de personnalité 3
Creative Intelligence Agency High-End Graphic Design - Advertising - Marketing Other::Advertising-Branding-Marketing EZ Commerce

High-End Graphic Design - Advertising - Marketing. Creative Intelligence Agency is a full service, independent graphic design and multimedia firm. By combining strategic insight and top creative talent, we have helped many clients create, strengthen and maintain their brand image. Our capabilities incude: Direct Mail Annual Reports Sales Kits & Brochure Design Corporate Identity Newspaper and Magazine Ads Promotions & Packaging Customer Loyalty Programs Publication Design Radio/Television Internet Design A partial listing of clients are: First USA Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Starbucks Coffee Corporation, T. Rowe Price, AARP, Financial Models Company. Contact Barbara Jones at 410.728.8332 or visit us at www.ciastudio.com. Other::Advertising-Branding-Marketing
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